Gemstones market development requires modern methods of producing gems. This makes the GDII institute to take some action in supporting and doing research related to minerals and precious stones. Therefore, the following research priorities have been proposed in the collaboration between the Faculty of Earth Sciences of Beheshti University and other research centers: 


  • Research on the development of synthetic stones according to foreign samples
  • Research on understanding new ways of increasing non-oil exports and expanding the export of precious stones, jewelry, and gems industry
  • Provide new methods of exploration and mining in order to preserve natural resources and professions extraction of precious and semi-precious stones
  • Genetic studies on prospecting and developing precious and semi-precious stones
  • Study and investigate of the improvement methods in order to create added value in the mineral stones of our country
  • Assess and investigate the mineral potential of our country
  • Design and manufacture of gemology devices and related science