18K Gold and Diamond Piaget Polo with Flying Tourbillon

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18K Gold and Diamond Piaget Polo with Flying Tourbillon

Piaget has a long history of producing luxury timepieces with exceptional movements. This combined with experience in high jewelry means Piaget has created some of the most visually and mechanically stunning timepieces in watchmaking history. Check out five of the most valuable Piaget timepieces in the world.


In 2015 November, at a Christie’s auction, this Piaget stunner was auctioned for $270,000. This piece fully blends Piaget’s mastery of high jewelry and timekeeping. The piece features 426 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 7.84 carats and 165 baguette-cut diamonds totaling 17.58 carats set in the 18K white gold case and dial. The timepiece also features Piaget’s Polo Tourbillon ref. G0A29065, the thinnest shaped flying tourbillon in the world with a thickness of 3.5 mm.


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